Seattle. Sleepless or not.

Not so sleepless really as jet lag goes.  Up by 6am, I was off to Elliot Bay CrossFit for 8am class. On my own! Been a while since that happened. Back a bit sweaty but after a shower we were ready for the day.

Then off for a wander to Pike Place Market and the Sound View Cafe for breakfast which looked a bit like this:


Suitably filled up, we headed to buy ourselves Orca cards.  I wonder if the transport bods thought of the name first and then came up with what it could be an acronym for (as it turns out One Regional Card for All)?

Bus #5 to Fremont to discover all sorts of gems but mostly the Urban Beer Garden. In Fremont you can find all sorts, including but not limited to, a bridge troll, a statue of Lenin, a space rocket and Jupiter on top of a building. It ‘s our kind of place. As the UBG didn’t do food, we were recommended a BBQ joint Roro’s we shared a big old plate of meat before heading back for more beers at UBG.  Lots of good dog company as well as the human Jeffrey who gave us load of recommends for both Seattle and Portland made it a great afternoon. Thanks Jeffrey!

IMG_1850      UBG 1

Coffee at Milstead Coffee at The History House was yummy, sat right next to a piece of the Berlin Wall.


Other things we enjoyed in Seattle were:

Lowell’s for breakfast


#26 bus filled up with Seattle Sounders fans heading to the match (Sooooo not like a tram full of United fans heading for the match, so much more civilised)

The Chittenden Locks in Ballard


Making a nice cup of tea in a frying pan (no kettle, maximising surface area for quick boiling)

Coffee at Stumptown in Capitol Hill


The Convention Centre forest

Outlander Brewpub serving Lovely Jubbly and Boy Howdy – excellent pints


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